Charter 7 Days around Menorca

The 2019 summer season Menorquinas sail for waters in Sailing Week regime for Menorca, visit our calendar for dates you are more fit.
One week is the minimum time you need to discover this fantastic island, Menorca is surprisingly so unspoiled nature in the case of an island in the western Mediterranean, the reason is that the wind regime affecting this island is very different from the rest of the Balearic , rain and northerly winds keep it and nourish throughout the winter, even in summer there are rivers flowing to the sea discharge and preserving its natural beauty as the river trabaluga southwest of the island, with the help of the boat assistant oars can simply navigate to freak out. In addition to the many coves and corners to anchor, navigate it in sailboat is a gift to the senses, and if it is a week making life aboard much more even. I will be turning to the island from June to August with embarkation and disembarkation Saturday Friday in integer mode or boat rental places.

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