The Sant Joan Fiestas Sailing around Menorca

How every year we celebrate the entrance of summer in the best site, the island of Menorca and its famous verbena of Sant Joan.
We leave from Barcelona aboard the sailboat Nagual III course Menorca, the dates for this 2017 are embarking on June 21 in Barcelona Port Olimpico and the landing on June 25 in Mahon, so the return trip you have to schedule In an airplane or boat since the boat stays in Menorca to make season, another one of the reasons is that always these short breaks are made so that the day that we would dedicate to the return we will enjoy by the island, so for those who are it Can be a mini vacation.

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The shipment will be on Thursday, June 22nd, at 6:00 p.m. To make the joint purchase, if you work that day and you have to board later there is no problem since we will sail after dinner.
Once we have set sail we are waiting for a navigation under the stars to gradually enter the rhythm of the sea, and the fantastic week that we will have ahead.
Friday 23 on the noon and we should be pointing to some calita turquoise waters for the first dip, Saturday 24 revetlla to find some magic corner where to enjoy the shortest night of the year, Sunday 25 wandering through the most beautiful coves of Menorca, Monday 26 we are getting closer to port of landing, Mahon is only 15 minutes from the airport.

What is a super plan? You can not lose this!!!
Price per square 450 €