The Sant Joan Fiestas Sailing around Menorca

This year we celebrate the entrance of the summer solstice in the best place, the island of Menorca and its famous verbena de San Juan. Parties from Barcelona aboard the sailing ship Nagual III towards Menorca. The boarding will be on Friday, June 21 in the afternoon at 6:00 pm, the idea is to make the joint purchase (it is possible that the purchase will be done beforehand so that when it arrives the moment is ready for transport). security briefing on board ... What it is to set sail and that the evening we find the coast of Barcelona for what seems like a navigation under the stars so that you learn little by little in the rhythm of the sea, and of the fantastic week that we will have ahead. Below we give you an idea of ​​the navigation plan that will always end up shaping the weather that occurs in the days, Menorca refers to its great variety of numbers in both the North and South, so the options that are presented are varied, it is recommended to read this link that is given to know an idea of ​​the sites that we usually visit in the months of July that we will do weeks of tour of the island,


Saturday 22 about noon and we should be pointing to a cove of turquoise waters for the first dip, Sunday 23 preparations for the magical night, the idea is to anchor in one of the coves near the citadel and disembark with the auxiliary boat to enjoy from the multitude of activities that take place throughout the day,  In the afternoon or anchors we look for a corner where Enjoy the shortest night of the year or spend it in Ciudadela this will depend on the weather and we will see closer to the date. Monday 24 during the day relax and recovery anchored in a cove, Tuesday 25 at sunset on starboard we will see how the beautiful menorca is blurred by the stern. On Tuesday afternoon we should be moored at the Port Olimpic. I recommend reading the following link with practical questions on what to bring, luggage on board a sailboat. you can book a place individually or in a group, any questions contact me by mail, tel, whatsap.Price per place 550 €