Calendar and Rates

 Season 2018

Charter around Barcelona and litoral:
(Until May)
Day 8 hours  750€ (11 pax)

Half day 4 hours 450€ (11 pax)

Quarter day 2 hours 350€ (11 pax)

(Diesel and port base harbour is included)

Easter week  2018:

29th to 2th of April (450€ pax)

Puente de Mayo 2018:

27th to 1th of May (490€ pax) (all include)

Barcelona to Siracusa:

1th to  14th of Juny (14 days pax 1000€) 6 squares

Siracusa to Atenas:

16th to 29th  of Juny (14 days pax 1000€) 3 squares 

July Greece :

2th to 11th  of July (10 days, 1000€ pax) 4 squares
13th to 22th of July (10 days, 1000€ pax) Reserved
24th to 31th of July (8 days, 800€ pax) Reserved

Max 6 pax (consult for whole boat)

Agosto Greece:

2th  to 13th of August (12 days, 1190€ pax) Reserved
15th to 26th of August (12 days, 1190€ pax) 1 square
28th  to 8th of September (12 days, 1190€ pax) 5 squares

Max 6 pax (consult for whole boat)

September Greece:

10th to 19th of September (10 days, 1000€ pax)
21th to 30th of September (10 days, 1000€ pax)

October, Atenas to Barcelona:

coming soon


Forward Suite has an extra, € 50 per pax, only to places

The price includes:

Sailboat Nagual III 15 mts length
Insurance occupants aboard.
Boat outboard auxiliary + 10CV
Equipment cabin: Full bed without blankets
Mooring in port Base

The price does not include:

Transfers from the airport
Lunch and dinner, including the pattern (a common fund approximately 20 € person / day ago)
Mooring fee (outside homeport)
final cleaning of the boat 150 €
Pattern Day € 150 - € 1050 week (rate mode only for groups full boat)