weekend en velero por Menorca

This 2019 summer season we will sail along Menorca island in the format of cabin renting. This sailing will take one week boarding on Saturday in Mahon and landing on Friday in the same place. You can see our departure schedule to see which one suits you the best.

Boarding will be in Mahón at 11.00 am. The program is doing the common food purchase and leave at late afternoon to anchor in the night in a safe and beautiful place of the island.


Menorca en velero

Cala Pilar

Menorca has a surprising virgin nature. The meteorological regime during winter makes northern rain and winds to maintain and nurture the island all of the season giving as a result a wild geography almost lunar in some parts and with a variety of refinements.
I would like to mention a few of the heavenly coves that we will have the pleasure to visit: Algaiarens, an excellent place to anchor and spend the night under the stars . Cala Pregonda with its reddish sands in an idyllic environment. Cala PIlar with its stunning virgin landscape. Fornells port where you will be able to taste a fantastic caldereta apart from being the safest anchoring place of the north. Moving to the east we will find Cala Pudenta with its turquoise waters. Colom island where we can spend a quite and well sheltered night and just 15 minutes away with the dinghy we will find Es Grau, a fishing tiny village where we will be able to taste fresh fish dishes at a convenient price.



alquiler velero menorca

Cala Pregonda

On the southern part of the island the landscape makes us figure out that we are just in another island. The coast is covered with mediterranean pine and the coves soften in white sand beaches and stunning turquoise waters. During summer there are rivers that end up in the sea and preserve its flow and its natural beauty, as Trabaluga river placed in the cove with the same name. For the adventurous ones we have the ascending of the Trabaluga river with the dinghy for almost a mile. We will also visit Cala Macarella i Macarelleta, famous around the world for its marine turquoise ground. There is no tourist guide where pictures of those coves are not found. We won't forget Cala Escorxada, Cala Turqueta and Cala Coves...and I could keep on naming numberless places of this beautiful mediterranean island


alquiler velero con patron

relax en cala pregonda, menorca

The weekly plan is to make a full ride of the island according to the meteorology and visit most of all of the places I just mentioned above.

Cala macarella

sur de menorca